Since the end of 2007 EWUB’s capital is controlled by PJSFC Sistema - the largest public diversified corporation in Russia and the CIS.

Sistema's investment portfolio comprises stakes in predominantly Russian companies from various sectors of economy, including telecommunications, utilities, retail, high tech, pulp and paper, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, railway transportation, agriculture, finance, mass media, tourism, etc. Sistema is the controlling shareholder in most of its portfolio companies. Sistema's competencies focus on improvement of the operational efficiency of acquired assets through restructuring and attracting industry partners to enhance expertise and reduce financial risks.

Sistema's global depository receipts are listed under the symbol "SSA" on the London Stock Exchange and the ordinary shares are listed under the symbol "AFKS" on the Moscow Exchange.

Over 64% PJSFC «Sistema» shares belong to the Russian entrepreneur Vladimir Evtushenkov, known in the elite circles of Luxembourg society as one of the honorary Grand Duchy of Luxembourg consuls in Russia.


EWUB ownership structure

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