Authorized Management

Authorized Management

Martin PcolaManaging Director
Biography: Martin Pcola

Since December 2013 Martin Pcola is Authorised Manager at East-West United Bank. He is in charge of supervising Financial, Risk, Compliance, Operational, IT and administration functions of the Bank.

Martin Pcola’s professional experience has been earned through several senior financial and audit roles at top tier companies located in different European countries. From 2012 to December 2013 he occupied a senior financial role at EU headquarters of Amazon in Luxembourg, preceded by Senior Manager position, focused mainly on banking, re/insurance and securitization sectors, and in Audit assurance services of Deloitte S.A. in Luxembourg. Prior to this, during the period from 2002 to 2008, he held several audit and accounting positions at top advisory companies, such as Deloitte Czech Republic, Ernst and Young Slovakia and Accenture Czech Republic.

In 2002 Mr. Pcola graduated from Economic University of Bratislava with Master’s degree in International Business and is also FCCA fellow member and chartered qualified accountant in Association of chartered certified accountants in London.

Hans-Ulrich HügliMember of the Board,
Independent Director (Interim Authorized Manager)
Biography: Hans-Ulrich Hügli

Hans-Ulrich Hügli went to school in France and in Germany. In 1975 Mr Hügli graduated from the University of Zurich with specialization in jurisprudence. In 2001 he completed the Advanced Management Program of the Harvard Business School.

After training as a Legal Secretary at the District Court of Zurich, Hans-Ulrich Hügli joined the International Loan Department of Bank Leu in Zurich in 1979. From 1985 to 1989 he worked as Vice President at the Capital Markets department of J.P. Morgan in Zurich, and later he continued his career with the bank’s branches in Tokyo and Hong Kong. In 1993 Mr Hügli returned to Europe and became Managing Director of Banque Leu in Luxembourg. From 1997 until his retirement in 2012 Hans-Ulrich Hügli was CEO and Country Manager of Credit Suisse in Luxembourg.

Hans-Ulrich Hügli currently serves on the Board of Directors of following organisations:

Vodafone Investments Luxembourg Tareno Luxembourg

From 2013 Hans-Ulrich Hügli is an Independent director on the Board of Directors of East-West United Bank. Mr Hügli is also a Chairman of EWUB Audit Committee and a Member of Risk Committee.

Managerial Committees

Authorised Management has the right to set up operational committees in order to delegate part of its activities, improve operational decision-making effectiveness and involve senior officers and experts in the decision-making process.

The following operational committees are permanently in existence:


Credit Committee

The Credit Committee acts within the powers established by the Board of Directors and is the highest decision making body at executive level, empowered to take decisions in respect of credit risk management, including, but not limited to, entering into new credit exposures, restructuring or modifications of the terms and conditions of existing exposures, periodical review of existing exposures, review of non-performing loans, and approval of the relevant credit risk policies.

Asset & Liability Committee

The Asset and Liability Committee has been established as a collective permanent body acting within powers defined in the respective charter/ terms of reference as approved by the Authorised Management, to perform the following functions: 

Manage and optimize the balance sheet of the Bank; Control capital adequacy and capital usage efficiency; Approve pricing models and values in respect of assets, liabilities and financial markets products of the Bank; Manage the liquidity, the interest rate, market and FX risks of the Bank via establishing respective limits and regulations.

New Product Committee

The New Product Committee has been established in accordance with the New Product Approval Policy and is empowered to make decisions in respect of product proposals submitted by business heads of the bank in order to achieve a streamlined, focused and controlled procedure of initial assessment, development, testing and deployment of bank products and services within existing resource constraints, as well as introduce a degree of measure of individual involvement in product development and overall project progress.

Investment Committee

The Investment Committee has been created to act as a collective decision-making body responsible for supervising the Bank’s activity of discretionary management of clients’ portfolios, reviewing and monitoring the investment activities, approving and reviewing of relevant policies, procedures and guidelines as well as risk limits and restrictions related to discretionary portfolio management. The functioning of the Committee is expected to ensure that a structured and rigorous investment decision-making process is in place and that a common approach to asset management is in existence and is adhered to.


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