Discretionary Portfolio Management

Discretionary Portfolio Management

Our Asset Management expertise offers you access to a broad palette of investment strategies across all asset classes via Discretionary Portfolio Management, whereby you delegate the management of your portfolio to our team of investment professionals, who will choose the specific strategy that optimally fits your investment objectives and risk profile.

Theme Investment

Our view on investments differs from classic schemes such as value vs. growth or small cap vs. large cap companies. Neither do we focus on geographic areas or industry sectors. Rather, our investment preferences are driven by global trends (please refer to the .pdf file below) - we employ a thematic approach in our portfolio construction. We are convinced that thematic investment is the best way to turn broad analysis into specific positions and to overcome the short-term uncertainty that investors are facing.

Why to invest with us ?

  • We are independent
  • We have a clear investment process
  • We are an active asset manager
  • We invest with conviction and without reference to any market indexes


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