Our history

Ownership History

12 June 1974 East-West United Bank is incorporated in Luxembourg upon the initiative of Mr. Pierre Werner, the Prime Minister of the Grand Duchy.

1974-1992 State Bank of the USSR (there after Central bank of Russia) and Vneshtorgbank (Russia’s Foreign Trade Bank) are the main shareholders.

1992-2000 The Imperial Bank (private bank) became one of the major shareholders.

2000-2007 Vneshtorgbank - the main shareholder.

2001 PJSFC Sistema acquires a stake in EWUB.

2007 EWUB’s capital is controlled by PJSFC Sistema - the largest public diversified corporation in Russia and the CIS. It controls directly 34% of the Bank is capital and indirectly, through MTS Bank, remaining 66% of EWUB’s capital.

2014 EWUB celebrates its 40th anniversary.

2017 Changes in the shareholding structure of the Bank: Sistema PJSFC controls 81% of the Bank’s capital and PJSC “MTS Bank”- 19%.

2018 Changes in the shareholding structure of the Bank: Sistema PJSFC controls 100% of the Bank’s capital. 

Unique architectural heritage

Historic plan of Villa Foch

Marshal Ferdinand Foch (1851-1929) , a photo from the archives

East-West United Bank is closely connected to one of Luxembourg’s architectural jewels – Villa Foch, where the bank installed its headquarter soon after its inauguration. The private residence spread across three floors above ground and with two main facades was designed in 1891 by the young and progressive architect of his time, Charles Mullendorff. His creation reflected the common bourgeoisie’s attainment of an aristocratic lifestyle.

The Villa was named after the renowned Ferdinand Foch, the Commander in Chief of the Allied Armies during the First World War, who played a decisive role in halting a renewed German advance on Paris. It became his residence during the many visits to Luxembourg.

The Bank has always taken great care to preserve the building’s refined splendour. In 2010 EWUB started a restauration project that took almost 2 years to complete and required collaboration of two architectural companies and a specialist organisation. The latter meticulously developed technical solutions and extensively researched original materials used in interior mosaics and woodwork to restore the natural beauty and luxury to this heritage gem.

Nowadays, the Villa is surrounded by private park with centuries-old trees, secluded staircase leading down to the translucent pond with playful carps and a soothing sound coming from the fountain that add unforgettable charm to the residence. 

Guests coming to Villa Foch are owed by its grandness and elegancy, its richly-decorated board rooms allow for discreet and stylish meetings.


Renovated Villa Foch

Renovated Villa Foch