Bank in Society

Bank in Society

At East-West United Bank we seek to contribute to the well-being of the societies in which we operate. In particular, we are devoted to the preservation and promotion of Russian culture and language in Luxembourg to facilitate better understanding between Russian speaking and Luxembourgish communities and contribute to the development of existing relationship. We want to see the world around us becoming a better place for our children, and we commit to do everything within our power to see that materialise.

Our Projects:

The Russian school of supplementary education "Kalinka" has been supported by us since its foundation in 2010. There are more than 170 children attending the school and more than 25 staff members. We are proud that "Kalinka" is referred to as an educational institution with an impeccable reputation in Luxembourg.  

The Russian Film Festival for Children and Youth "Cinemay" in Luxembourg, which was organized for the first time in 2016 in cooperation with the Russian Centre of Culture and Science (RCCS), Russian School “Kalinka”, Charity fund “Sistema” and “Detski Mir”. Children and adults had the opportunity to watch the latest films and participate in master classes with famous actors. The festival was well received.

Russian Charity Ball in Luxembourg - one of the most prestigious annual charity events in Luxembourg. Proceeds of the fund raising are donated to the charity fund "Sunflower" (Moscow) to treat children affected with immunodeficiency virus, as well as to the Fund «SOS Children's Village» to help orphans in various Russian cities.

The Russian stand at the International Bazar of Luxembourg.

raises funds by selling donated national souvenirs and dishes to support charities, such as the regional public organization of social care for children "Our children" (Support for children from orphanages of St. Petersburg), and support for a boarding school for the blind and visually impaired children in St. Petersburg.