Transactional Banking

Transactional Banking

East-West United Bank provides essential transactional banking services, including payments, cash management, and custody services. We put our clients at the center of our interest and generate real-time solutions with related business unites to deliver value to your business. Being your Bank we promise to take care of your needs as we care about our own wallets. You will feel yourself comfortable and confident working with us. And we will prove it – day by day.

Cash management

  • Payment accounts in USD, EUR, GBP, RUB, CHF
  • Flexible payment solutions
  • E-banking: 24/7
  • Business cards
  • Foreign exchange operations
  • Corporate deposits


  • Safekeeping and settlement of financial instruments
  • Corporate actions processing and income collection (e.g. dividends and interest coupons) 
  • Proxy voting (general meeting of shareholders)
  • Tax relief / reclaim service
  • Structured transactions preparation and settlement

Trade Finance

  • Issuing of documentary letters of credit, guarantees and standby letters of credit
  • Advising of export letters of credit and payments processing
  • Processing of inward and outward documentary collections

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