The film festival for children and youth (CineMay) took place in Luxembourg. This kind of event happened for the first time in Grand Duchy. Russian center of Culture and Science and Russian school “Kalinka” were main sites for hosting the festival.

From 2nd to 5th June, audience of all ages and nationalities had a chance to watch Russian modern movies and cartoons, which were brought to Luxembourg by festival organizers – CineMay Children’s Charitable Foundation and its President Lidia Evtushenkova accompanied by well-known Russian theater and cinema actors, actresses and screenwriters.

The grand opening of the festival, meetings with artists and workshops raised the most sincere interest among film lovers and experts of Russian culture in Luxembourg. All movies of the festival were shown with English or French subtitles, though one could understand even without translation, because the topics covered in these works were embracing global issues, common to all mankind.

The festival was organized in Luxembourg with the participation of the Russian Science and Culture Center, East-West United Bank, Russian school "Kalinka" and Charity Fund "Sistema" and "Detski Mir."

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