Anna Radishevskaia, Head of Marketing and PR of East West United Bank, answered the question of editors from the business magazine PaperJam 2 (June 2015)

Years of experience in Luxembourg, the Russian roots and knowledge of the markets of the CIS countries and Eastern Europe make an evident contribution of EWUB to diversification of the Grand Duchy economy. EWUB has been positioning itself as a two-way bridge between East and West since its foundation in 1974.

Anna Radishevskaia: "Today, many European companies are seeking ways to enter the CIS market. We know this market and have the contacts, reliable local partners and understanding of the mentality. Being a client and not a product bank, we are always ready to find the best solution for our customers and serve as a guide to them in the countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Georgia and etc. On the other hand, we help companies and entrepreneurs from the CIS countries to find partners and develop their business in the Grand Duchy.
The immense experience in the field of compliance enables our bank to carefully weigh the risks and to build a credulous relationship with clients on the basis of strict, but always objective control. Our niche is relatively small, but we consider it to be essential for the economy of Luxembourg. A bridge between two worlds helps to maintain a dialogue that enhances the desire to understand. And understanding destroys fears and creates an atmosphere of trust, vital for the development of business in Luxembourg, the prosperity of which directly concerns EWUB as the Luxembourg financial institution.

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