On Saturday, May 28 at 7pm the 11th traditional annual ING Night Marathon started in Luxembourg. East-West United Bank participated in the marathon for the second time.

 This year, the bank had been represented by 4 teams: one team of 3 people for a 21km distance (half marathon) and 3 teams of 3 persons for 5km distance "Run for Success”.
All the participants of Run for Success, led by captains Stephanie Kirkegaard, Davide Gatti and Romain Gossent successfully finished in Luxexpo pavilion in Kirchberg, showing good results.

We would like to highlight the results of Stephanie’s team, who finished fifth in the race for 5 km and individual result of Jonathan Dollen, who has covered this distance in 20 minutes.
In the race for 21 km EWUB was presented by purely female team. Sonia Garcia, Jin Morandin and Emilie Jouy le Fur finished half marathon with excellent results.
All the runners who crossed the finish line in time were awarded with the medals, thus everyone could feel like a winner.
ING Night Marathon 2016, which was attended by over 14 000 people this year, once again became an unforgettable event in the life of the city and the whole Duchy of Luxembourg.
Ahead, the marathon 2017!

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