The Anniversary Celebration Concert prepared by the teachers and students of the school was held on Sunday 8 March at the cultural center Tramsschapp in Limpertsberg.
Not only the pupils and their parents came to congratulate the school, but also those who were at the origins of its creation, who helped and is helping to create the conditions for the successful life of the school.
So many people would like to congratulate the school for its anniversary. Many guests came with flowers to give to their favourite teachers and administrators.
With love and inspiration, the Russian school "Kalinka" teaches children the Russian language and culture, brings them respect for national and cultural traditions and lays in their soul the germs of patriotism, spirituality and love for his country.
Sincere and heartfelt thanks and appreciation were expressed to the director of the school Radishevskaya Anna and to all the administrative and teaching staff.
The most important gift for the guests of the event was various musical performances prepared by the students and the teaching staff of the school.
It was truly amazing to be a part of something so great, so remarkable and so historic as celebrating the birthday of the unique Russian school of complementary education in Luxembourg.
Happy 5th Anniversary to you Kalinka!

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