November 13, the official visit of the delegation of the Chamber of Commerce of Luxembourg, headed by the Director Mr. Carlo Thelen, took place on the premises of EWUB. Mr. Thelen met Mr. Martin Pcola, Managing Director / CFO of East-West United Bank, and discussed the new strategy of the Bank and the development of further cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce of Luxembourg. Martin Pcola emphasized that the Chamber of Commerce can be a source of information for clients of the financial sector and provide better understanding that reinforced banking regulatory requirements are aimed for protecting the interests of the clients and contributing to the service quality. According to him, the Chamber of Commerce could act as a catalyst for strengthening cooperation of financial institutions, which should, when necessary, abandon the competition and combine their efforts and expertise in order to improve products and services offered to clients, as well as the inspection of the financial markets in general.

The buildings and meeting rooms, as well as a brief history of Villa made a great impression on the guests. Mr. Thelen expressed his admiration of Villa Foch beauty and the results of a recent restoration of its interiors.

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