FAQ List

Please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions list to find promptly an information about your possible inquiry.

How to open an account for a corporate client?

The company should provide the completed bank questionnaire with a description of the Company’s activity, a set of completed and signed standard banking forms/applications and copies of required corporate documents including ownership structure. For details, please contact TransactionalBanking@ewub.lu

What products and services does EWUB offer to private clients?

We offer regular banking services, asset management, brokerage and custody. Our clients also benefit from a broad network of partners and leading legal/tax experts, who can assist in structuring their business and other matters allowing to take full advantage of the benefits of Luxembourg jurisdiction.

Is it possible to open an account as a matter of urgency?

Priority consideration of your application is possible provided the Bank had received all necessary documents.

What is the minimum private account size with EWUB?

As a general rule, we accept private clients with EUR 500.000 of investable assets or more. Certain exceptions to allow smaller amounts can be made with a view towards potential business growth.

Is there a need to visit the Bank for account opening?

We would be glad to welcome you in our offices in Luxembourg. However, we are also ready to consider your application remotely based on all necessary documents provided.

What documents are required to open an account with EWUB?

The minimum required document package includes completed and signed account opening package forms, copies of ID documents for individual account holder(s) or corporate documents for a legal entity, copies of passport(s) of the ultimate beneficial owners and proxy(ies) on the account. The bank is entitled to request additional information or documents as per our GTCs as part of the account opening review.

Which kind of certification does EWUB accept for corporate documents?

We accept notarised copy or copies certified by an institution regulated by financial authority in a country considered equivalent to Luxembourg for AML requirements. Please note that currently certification from banks in Russia cannot be accepted as such.

What will be our main contact after account has been opened?

A Personal Account Manager will be assigned to you to whom you will be able to address all your questions (in English, French, or Russian). You can also send your queries to the group e-mail TransactionalBanking@ewub.lu for corporate clients and to e-mail pb@ewub.lu for private clients in order to receive the prompt feedback.

What are the account maintenance fees?

As a general rule, the bank charges a monthly account maintenance fee for every current account regardless of the level of the client’s activity. However, account maintenance and certain other fees can be waived in special cases (e.g. for Premium clients) – please refer to our current tariffs (available upon request).

Do you provide urgent payment services after standard cut-off time?

Yes, when possible. Additional fees may apply. Please refer to our current tariffs (available upon request).

Does EWUB pay interest on current account balances?

Currently the bank doesn’t pay any interest on current accounts. In special cases (e.g. big cash balances in euro) the bank can apply current market short term rates as defined by the bank (which rates can also be negative) to balances on such accounts – please refer to our current tariffs (available upon request).

Does your E-Banking provide a possibility to work with a group of corporate entities?

Yes, it does.

How long does it take to issue a corporate Business Card?

One week plus time for delivery to your office.

May I receive and hold securities on my account and if so, of which type?

Yes, clients may receive and hold securities in custody at EWUB. Please contact your Account Manager to clarify eligibility of any particular security.

If I hold shares in Custody, may I instruct EWUB to vote at General Meetings of Shareholders?

Yes, electronic Proxy Voting is possible, if the issuer is eligible. Please contact your Account Manager to clarify Proxy Voting possibility with regard to specific shares.

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